Australia Wide thousands of people wear Emergency ID

Many Medical ID and/or General ID Bracelet users prefer our bracelets to the traditional bracelets on the market to communicate their medical conditions and emergency contact information.

The unique design of our bracelets makes complete family contact and other vital medical information available without delay so critical medical decisions can be made in an emergency situation.

Identification information is hidden, protected and easily updated.

Comfortable, lightweight designs in a variety of colours

Complete emergency information is immediately available without engraving, 0800 numbers, computer scans or membership fees and can be changed whenever info changes. Seniors and their families may also feel more secure with vital medical and contact information conveniently at hand.

Waterproof Information Inserts

Easily updated for travel, or as personal conditions or situations change.

Medical ID
Useful for Individuals with
Allergies / Alzheimer's / Anaphylaxis / Asthma / Autism / Blood Disorders / Blood Pressure / Diabetes / Drug Allergies / Epilepsy / Heart Disease / Implants / Hemophelia / Pacemaker / Peanut Allergies.....Plus many more

Safety ID
Amusement parks /  The Beach / Cruises / Family Vacations / Parks/ Sporting Events / Camps / School Escursions /  Travel

Sports ID
BMX / Camping / Climbing / Cycling / Hiking / Motorcross / Netball / Running / Skiing / Snowboarding / Swimming / Tennis / Walking

Worker ID
Construction Site / Contractor / Electrician / Mining Sites / Roofer / Scaffolder