My children’s shoelaces were constantly coming undone and they would never retie them.  As a result of this their laces became frayed and dirty so I was constantly having to replace them.  A friend suggested the BRACKS Lack Lock and it is a brilliant idea.  Their laces stay tied and in place until they take their shoes off.  I am so happy with the product that I have now bought a pair for my own runners.


Kerry McMillan, Brisbane, QLD

I am that runner.  I’m bold, I’m out there, I’m active, and when I run a marathon, for me every second counts.  So stopping to tie my laces frustrates me. BRACKS Lace Lock are now part of my essential running kit.  I love the option of being able to pimp out my shoes with different colours.


Grantley Fiddyment, Springfield Lakes, QLD

Many runners have a love hate relationship with shoelaces.  I was one of these runners but since purchasing my lace locks I now never have to worry about my laces coming untied.


Sophia Faulmann, Springfield Lakes, Brisbane

As an elderly person one of the tasks I find most difficult is tying up my shoe laces.  It’s not as difficult in the comfort of my own home but when I’m out walking I find it nearly impossible to bend down to retie them.  I bought a pair of the BRACKS Lace Locks and it is the best purchase I ever made.  I now never have to stop to retie my laces.  Its an absolutely brilliant product.


Ronnie Carter - Sunshine Coast