With an impressive career in Finance and Insurance, Lauren gave it all up to raise her two boys.  
It was important she was around for her children …and like her mum, Lauren wanted to be
there for parent teacher interviews, sporting events and life’s little mishaps.

She now uses her skills in systems and processes to contribute to the activities her boys
participate in.  However, she never stops looking for ways to make other people’s lives easier.

As a volunteer coach for the local AFL club, Lauren noticed how often the game would falter
or have to stop while players of all ages stopped to re-tie their shoelaces – and having kids
with allergies she made it her mission to enable her kids to play sports or go on excursions with
the safety in knowing that in the event of an emergency first responders would have all contact
and medical information.

One of her underlying core values is to be helpful … and these little problems of loose shoelaces, allergies and lost kids got her analytical mind working overtime.
Like all true problem solvers, Lauren got to work on finding solutions until she found them. With
an uncanny ability to track down simple yet effective solutions, Lauren sources gadgets and fixes from across the world, bringing them to Australia.  For Lauren, making life easier for others by finding simple solutions to everyday problems gets her excited.

All products from the Shoelace Clips and Shoe ID Tags through to Wristbands have been tested
in a variety of sports, workplaces and schools, with 100% fantastic feedback. PROBLEMS SOLVED, not just for kids but people of all ages.

ID on Me Australia … brought to life by Lauren to make life a little simpler for everyone.

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