Why carry ID?

If you are an adult with children, a runner heading out for your daily workout or a worker on a construction site, the importance of carrying ID has never been so crucial.

Busy Lives 
Our lives are expanding beyond our home more than ever before. In days gone by our social circles where “everyone knows your name” were common. Now you are lucky if even your next door neighbor or co-worker knows you by your first name.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need help in the event of an accident, medical emergency or if your child becomes separated from you in a busy shopping mall, you are often having to rely on strangers to offer you assistance.

Aging Population
It’s a fact that people live to a greater age than we ever have done before. This has made the incidence of alzheimers disease, type 2 diabetes, advanced arthritis and heart disease much more common. Carrying medical I.D and record of people to call in an emergency can be life saving action for the elderly and infirm.

Increasing Travel
People are traveling a great deal more to far off locations where often they do not even speak the local language. Carrying I.D is valuable to ensure that information is at hand if needed.

Safety In the Work Place

Ensuring safety of your employees is a critical requirement to all companies and employers. Often employees are reluctant to share private medical information with their employers this can lead to tragedy if the worker was involved in an accident or medical emergency on site.

Empowering workers with an I.D system that allows them to play a personal role in provision for their own on-site safety whilst maintaining data privacy is a valuable tool any employer can offer their employees.

Why carry ID?  Its a very small price to pay.